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Al Galpin -Secondhandsongs
Al Galpin -Secondhandsongs

Al “Bear” Galpin is a Podcaster & Radio Presenter., and  founder of Super Pod: The Charity Podcast Festival.   He is a former Hospital Radio and Student radio host, whose passion is the musical cover. Outside of audio-stuff he is a keen Southampton FC fan (So he does not really like football)  Boston Red Sox fan (Better!), and  was a BBC TV quiz show finalist on 'Pointless' .  (See Pic) He is keen on comics, country music and chocolate as well as burgers, bunnies, and bourbon. (And apparently alliteration)

SecondhandSongs is an addictive weekly show  about cover versions. Covers which were bigger hits than the originals, as well as  foreign language Versions.  Look out for the  “Cover Chain” feature, where we try to link different cover versions together.

The show is produced in association with, the online database of cover versions.