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Dave Starr - The Rules Are, There Are No Rules!
Dave Starr - The Rules Are, There Are No Rules!

From sister station, KFM, we join Dave Starr for "The Rules are, there are no rules".   With a show in perpetual motion, the widest music mix of contemporary and classic sounds, this is the best of afternoon radio weekdays anywhere.

Dave Starr is a DJ who will be familiar to Global Radio 1 audience.  He’s a veteran of the radio industry having created and broadcast on across  FM  Independent radio and a stalwart of Global Radio 1 sister station KFM up in Stockport.  Dave is a radio pioneer going back to pirate radio days (pre Ofcom regulation) and developed one of the earliest Internet Radio Station. 

He is a former professional compere and Club DJ and brings that ‘connected live' approach to his broadcast style.   His huge listener base are his friends and you will enjoy the music and dedications on our show case week day afternoon event that is  - "The Rules are, there are No Rules" with Dave Starr.

listeners can msg Dave Starr on FB or messenger - dj.davestarr

Chat to DJ Dave Starr live:   nailed.