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Mavericks to Mainstream
Mavericks to  Mainstream

Global Radio 1 was originally founded in the 1990s by Richard J Hannah and a cohort of  Radio Presenters and producers. It was a division of TV and Video Production company, Clarion TV which producedthousands of hours of audio-visual content. Notably winning  awards in Education for a pioneering prospectus (utilising animation) and a campaign for London Colleges called “Your future your call”. 

Global Radio 1 was one of the early internet radio broadcast pioneers.  It was one of the first stations to utilise  commercial Data Centres to distribute shows even creating file compression techniques to get around issues buffering big data files online. Today’s Cloud based content platforms owe much to Hannah and colleagues at pioneering stations such as and Global City Radio. At the stations, zenith in popularity they were heard in 53 countries employing 150 staff.  Global Radio and the stations it spawned saw the dominance of the AM/FM and satellitte radio stations fall as more people 'consumed' radio on their phones, PCS and smart devices on a radio set box.